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Vilde Rolfsen, Plastic Bag Landscapes, 2014
Ongoing project, where I use light and colored background to make plastic bags look magical. Creating a landscape within the plastic bag. Plastic bags are a huge contributor to the landfill waste, and are extremely harmful for our oceans and the creatures living there. Do not say yes to a plastic bag when shopping. These plastic bags were found in the street.

holy shit

And also brown paper bags look like a better alternative, they’re decomposable and everything, but the use so much more chemicals to make, sending chemical exhaust into the air and runoff to the wildlife near the factories. So paper bags, equally bad, the best way is BYOB, bring your own bag. Some stores will even reward you for doing it! It’s easy just keep a couple in the car’a glovebox and wash them regularly :)

"Contiguous. "
you are hella cute and do you actually have dreds if not pls how did you do your hair like that
I said:

cheers brutha ^_^ ¬†nah I don’t I basically wait ‘til my hair is super fuckin gross n dirty then do a backcombing + rubbing/rolling technique with hair mousse¬†

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